How Many Pieces Of Lingerie Do You Need on Your Wedding Day?

Published: 23rd August 2009
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Since the disastrous events of 2001 where families were torn apart with the devastation caused in New York and other terrorist acts such as the Bali bombing there has been resurgence in people making their commitment through the act of marriage. Now more than ever before couples are looking for ways to make their day of marriage more and more special and one of the ways that couples are achieving this is through the use of wedding lingerie.

So the question begs, how many pieces do you really need?

The day of your commitment to each other is a special one and it should not begin with you waking in some daggy pyjamas. The wedding day for the lady should begin as though she is a princess because this is her day, so what she wakes in will influence her day.

Piece Number One - Luxurious Lingerie Sleepwear

Your special day should begin with beautiful lingerie sleepwear. The piece should be comfortable but practical. This is the lingerie you will wear for much of the morning as you get prepared for your big day. It is recommended that your lingerie sleepwear is made of satin or silk. It should be a plain colour and something like white, red or blue is most appropriate.

Piece Number Two - Wedding Lingerie Photo Shoot

In the twentieth century one of the most important photos for couples is the brides wedding lingerie photo shoot. The lingerie in this shoot should be just one thing, sexy. The lingerie worn is generally a bra and panty set with garter belt, garter and white stockings with high heeled shoes.

The wedding lingerie shoot photos are something that is special and is normally only shared between husband and wife. It is the wife's opportunity to express the beauty her body beholds.

Whilst traditionally the wedding lingerie is white, there is a trend in western culture where the brides where blue. This goes in the tradition of something blue.

Piece Number Three - Wedding Dress Lingerie

Where possible the wedding dress lingerie should plain and fit comfortably for the bride. The wedding dress lingerie usually includes a corset; however there is a trend towards incorporating the corset into the dress rather than stand alone.

The wedding dress lingerie must never detract from the wedding dress. Avoid fashion mistakes like visible panty or bra lines.

Piece Number Four - Wedding Party Lingerie

Whilst many brides do not change from their wedding dress after the formal wedding there is a trend in warmer climates for this to happen. Remember this is your special day and you want to feel beautiful at all times and refreshed. Replacing your lingerie at this point will ensure that you are ready for your first night as husband and wife.

Piece Number Five - Wedding Night Lingerie

The final piece of lingerie that is a must is your wedding night lingerie. This piece can be as erotic and sexy as you want it to be. Many brides choose pieces such as a halter neck demi bra and peek-a-boo panty to entice their new mates. Lets face it though, this piece won't last on for long, and why shouldn't you have a bit of fun on your first night as husband and wife.

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and this is the one chance in your life to spoil yourself and ensure you feel 100% special during your wedding day. Lingerie is one of the key ways in which you can spoil yourself.

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