How to Choose the Right Naughty School Girl Costume for Halloween

Published: 04th September 2009
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The Naughty School Girl costume has been the mainstay of Halloween costumes for over 30 years. In this article, I am going to explore exactly what a naughty school girl costume must include if it is to be ranked as one of the best costumes for naughty girls at Halloween.

In my quest for answers on what makes a really outstanding naughty school girl, I turned my research to the internet. What I found was amazing and a touch naughty!

Did you know that there are over 2,000 different naughty school girl costumes?

What I did learn is that there are three key elements that every naughty school girl costume must have to make it outstanding.

Number 1. The Costume Must Have a Mini Skirt (oh, did I mention - short mini-skirt)

Quite simply, if you want to be recognised as a naughty school girl then the mini skirt is a must but what makes it hot is the length (the shorter the better). I even learned in my journey that there were certain types of colours that were more powerful than other. For example if you are looking for the wow factor then the mini skirt should definitely be either plain bright red or a red check. However it is very important that the colour red dominate the red check.

One of the other traits of a great naughty school costume is that it has to be short. The whole point of wearing this costume is to be as naughty as possible. The key is to go as short as your dare, or more so, without getting into to trouble.

Number 2. The Shirt must be Tight and White

The best naughty school girl costumes that we found generally were of a style where the shirts were designed to be tied in the front. If you want to show off your, sexy, then it is a must that your belly button be showing. The easiest way to do that is to choose a shirt that ties into a simple knot.

The next characteristic that I found was that really sexy school girl costumes always had a crystal white shirt with short sleeves. We looked at other school girl costumes with pink, green and yellow shirts but they didn't have the same wow affect as having a crystal white shirt with a bright red mini skirt. The boys just went wild.

Number 3. Knee High White Stockings.

There is nothing that says naughty like knee high white stockings. Once again when you combine the three areas together, you have once sexy ensemble.

Look in the end, the ultimate naught school girl costume encompasses all three areas plus a couple extra things you should do such as -

1. Wear your hair in pig tails with red ribbon bows
2. Wear your hair blond
3. Wear red or black high heeled shoes
4. Have Freckles on Your Face 5. Don't forget that piece of gum for under the desk
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