The Top 10 Coolest Outback Locations to Get Married In Australia

Published: 16th September 2009
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Australia is certainly a lucky country and if you are looking to get married here, then the Australian Outback has a plethora of great sites for a wedding. Some of the sites I have mentioned in my Top 10 list may need approval to have your ceremony on the site from the traditional owners or you may need a permit however just check with the local tour guides and they will be more than happy to help.

Top 1. Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Uluru located 470 kilometres North East of Alice Springs is one of those very special locations in Australia. This iconic Australian symbol is the world's largest sandstone rock and there are a lot of special Dream Time Stories associated with this location. If you are looking for somewhere with a lot of history and historical significance then being married at Uluru is the place to go.

Top 2. The Kimberley's

If you are looking for somewhere, where you will have the place to yourself then the Kimberley's is the place for you. Located East of Broome, there is 400,000 sq km of land with less than 30,000 people inhabiting this land, so you will definitely have the place to yourself. The Kimberley ranges are the feature of this location but be warned this is a rough place, so make sure you hire a guide to help you find the right location to have your wedding.

Top 3. Kakadu

Kakadu is one of my favourite locations especially during the wet season when it comes alive with wildlife as it floods from the monsoon rain. This is a beautiful location to have a wedding and you can never be sure what wildlife might join your wedding day. Be sure though to check with the local authorities as to where you can hold your wedding ceremony.

Top 4. The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a beautiful range of mountains forming some of the most pristine views overlooking huge valleys of blue. The area has been awarded many tourism awards. The Blue Mountains are dotted with a number of viewing platforms that would be more than suitable for a simple outdoor wedding.

Top 5. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is opal heaven and is one of the unique outback locations in Australia that has to be seen to be believed. This location is home to a mass of underground tunnels and mines and the landscape looks like something from the moon. Cooper Pedy is so unique that it even comes with its own underground hotel. If you are looking for something a little different for your wedding location then Coober Pedy is definitely the place.

Top 6. The Olgas

The Olgas which is a short drive from Uluru(Ayers Rock) is another sacred location where you can get married. Just like Uluru, the Olgas holds a special meaning for the local indigenous inhabitants so remember if you choose to get married there make sure you respect the local customs and their homelands.

Top 7. Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon, is located in the Watarrka National Park and is home to beautifully carved sandstone ranges and a mass of unique flora and fauna. This location has been described by some as the Garden of Eden.

Top 8. Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge is located on the way to Darwin from Adelaide and is one of the natural wonders of the Northern Territory. Its huge walls and gorge house some of the most interesting creatures including crocodiles. If you can live with these snapping handbags then you will have one of the most memorable weddings with some outstanding photos as well.

Top 9. Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is one of those places that you have to see to believe. Located in the Cape Le Grand National park, 50 kilometres from Esperance, it features some of the most pristine and picturesque bays in Australia. If you are looking for the Outback to Ocean experience then this is the ideal location for you.

Top 10. Stanthorpe Wineries

Who else loves a good winery? Stanthorpe is definitely the region for you. Located in South East Queensland this is a fantastic place to get married. You have hundreds of wineries to choose from to have your wedding which makes it difficult to choose which one. Well I guess you will have to try every winery out, to make sure you have chosen the right one. Isn't it a hard life having to do that?

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